About the Artist

Sana Biden

It all started in my childhood. As a child, I loved beautiful pebbles and pieces of glass, played with them, collected them, dreamed of them. A long time ago, I graduated from art school, but at the age of 16 I realized that I would not become a Picasso and with youthful maximalism broke off my ties with art and entered the economics department of a famous university.

I worked in the education system and in business, became a professor and made several new faculties. For a very long time I supervised the Master’s Degree in Finance, fully devoted myself to my career and honestly speaking was very successful, but then at 40 I decided to return to art a little bit at a time. And the passion for pebbles returned. And not only to the pebbles.



In my shop I have beautiful things to offer. There are a lot of precious pieces for different style ladies and girls and for any age. There are a lot of bouquet handmade Jewels – large and small, bright and modest, long and short, festive and everyday. At first, I could not part with them, I sat with them as in Ali Baba’s cave and went through my treasures as if I was a child. Slowly I began to redesign the old ones. And then new ideas and new materials came. Now I decided to part with some of my creations and offer them to you for gifts or for yourself.

Jewelry has this eternal value that you want to have an abundance of and enjoy varying styles and colours. That makes it so much fun. By the way, I noticed that the same things look different on different people. And it depends not only on age or shape, but on the compatibility of the stone and the person. You can choose a stone for your zodiac sign or your desires – for health, love, tranquility, good luck, and others.

Each piece of jewelry is born from some idea, impulse, emotion. It could be an event associated with that stone, or an attraction to a stone that has fueled an emotion. Or an accidental glance at a pebble that has caused mutual attraction. Or color or shape. Everything is different. But each time it is a memorial of the heart that you want to pass on to another person.

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes, take the jewelry in your hands and feel its power and attractiveness.

Buying one of my items will also be a hood cause. From each peace, I donate a generous amount to charity to help children in hospitals in Canada and the United States. These are the Hospitals I donate to: BC Children’s and Seattle Children’s hospital.

I’m retired and enjoy life in Mission, BC, Canada with my husband, a beautiful Bernese mountain dog named Dosya and a very noble and elegant cat named Kisa.

I invite you to take a look at my creations and looking forward to offering you my creations



Styles And Techniques

Sana’s hobby and her love are the search of new forms and innovative ideas. She likes to work with glass (painting glass), mosaic, to give a new life to things. 

Using special Glass Window paints, special paints, gels, pastes, additives, additional materials, Sana combines the possibilities of drawing with stained glass art, expands its capabilities and colors, gives it the features of modern art.

She likes to use different themes of glass painting from ordinary flowers and animals to abstraction much more. 

Since 2019 Sana makes jewelry – beads, bracelets and earrings. Sana uses different materials – Red coral, Tibetan stone, metal, porcelain, pearl, crystal, gemstones, hematite, lava, amber, glass. There are plenty of unique styles of beads to work with – Boho style, Layered style, Ethno style, Retro style, Classic Style and others.

Sana currently lives in Mission, BC, Canada with her family and dog. Right now, she doesn’t know she is a professional artist or not, but she knows exactly that she can’t live without painting and colors.

Exhibitions and Art shows:

2016-2018 – member of Blackberry Artist’s Association, Port Moody Arts Centre
June-July 2017 – (group) as a member of Blackberry Artist’s Association, the Port Moody Library, Port Moody
September 2017 – The White Rock Library (group)
February 2018 – the Hycroft Manor, Vancouver (group)
April 2018 – Vancouver Public Library (group)