Art and stress

If painting, knitting, sculpting, drawing, scrapbooking or photography are hobbies of yours, you’ve been unknowingly promoting positive health while you create. There are more benefits of arts and crafts than just enjoyment, ranging from enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity, to even lessening the effects of serious health conditions.

We will talk about one of them – Stress relief.

A study in the American Journal of Public Health titled ‘The Connection Between Art, Healing and Public Health’ found that those who engaged in art experienced “reductions in stress and anxiety” and “increases in positive emotions”. When you create art, your mind can break away from pressing or distracting thoughts and really focus on the task at hand. This creates a meditative state where concerns are forgotten, in doing so lowering stress levels and creating mental clarity.

My friends and acquaintances constantly ask me personally and on Facebook how the covid epidemic has affected me. Do I have depression, anxiety, irritability, restlessness? Probably there is. Nobody likes covid and covid restrictions, but I endure it quite calmly. And I know why. Thanks to my creative projects. Now I have four projects. They are all different in complexity and creativity, but they fascinate me. I make curtains, make stained glass windows, make new designs for furniture and doors.

And I make jewelry. This is the most powerful immunostimulant for a female.

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