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  1. I really like the variety of gems here. I can get necklace for any birthday of my friends. They do energy practice with gems so usually very excited to receive natural stones as a gift. They especially need only natural gems. Thank you very much!

  2. t is a real help to have such a new website . Now it’s not a problem to buy a gift for your beloved wife or girlfriend. The main thing is a wide variety of styles, materials and stones. I bought my wife three things from different collections, and she was very satisfied, one might say happy. Thank you!

  3. It’s such a hidden beauty!!!! So great to have a local jewelry shop with an eye-catching variety of different styles! I especially ❤️the black night clutch!

  4. I bought a wonderful necklace from Sana. Very happy with my purchase and it brings me a lot of positive energy. Will buy more for my friends as I love and appreciate handmade things, especially beautiful ones.

  5. Sana,thanks a lot! The wife is very pleased with the purchase (so says). I would like to order a headset (suspension + bracelet). Please contact by mail to discuss options. Thank you very much!

  6. Great product!
    My wife loved it. Would definitely keep this in my back pocket for future birthdays and anniversaries. Appropriate for all ages. Might get a necklace for my daughter next!

  7. I just got Asure breath. Unbelievably beautiful work and it goes to my wardrobe perfectly. The best quality I’ve ever seen. Thank you very much! Will definitely get something for Christmas here. Highly recommended.

  8. Your customer service is outstanding, and the products I have received so far are top notch – great quality! My favourite is Azure Breath Necklace and Bracelet set , I’ve received so many compliments from my family and colleagues ! It is obvious that you are exceptionally talented jewelry designer and maker who can create stunning hand made jewelry. And your prices are better than most other options out there . I will definitely order many times in the future and will pass your name on to my friends. P.S. If you ever make a matching set of earrings for Azure Breath Necklace, please let me know.

  9. Hi Sana,
    I came across your beautiful collection and I would like to get one of your Amber Earrings styles to match my necklace. Please, message me so we can discuss my options. Thank you!

  10. A dear friend of mine gifted me a gorgeous necklace from your shop for my birthday this year.
    Recently I realized that before I was selecting an accessory from my stash to match my clothing for the day, now I try to select the outfit matching to that amazing piece of art you’ve made! 😀
    Can you make me the matching earrings too?

  11. I was trying to find a meaningful gift for my mother’s birthsday and my girlfriend suggested to buy a necklace from Sana. My Mom was so happy. She adored the necklace.
    It’s my girlfriend’s birthday at the end of the month and it would be great if you can recommend a gift for my girlfriend this time.

      1. I have wonderful necklace from Sana and I am happy to wear this piece of beautiful jewellery . It suits me well , really good quality and design . Thank you, Sana!!!

  12. Hi Sana.
    I love jewellery made by natural stones.
    They are not only stylish but also have been used as talismans for along time ago.
    Bought a necklace and would like to find matching earrings.
    Can you help me with an advice, please.
    Tank you.

      1. Galina McAmmond

        Thank you so much for creating the perfect piece for me.
        My necklace is exactly what I wanted and its extremely elegant!

  13. The designer, original jewelry the more value in a modern world.
    The natural stone jewelry match to all outfits and I really liked this products.

  14. Beautiful pieces, truly authentic. I’m impressed with variety of styles. I can see that every piece is made with love and for good cause. Thank you Sana.

  15. Sana,
    Thanks for your help in choosing the right product for me!
    Great and beautiful products and quick friendly service. Really liked the style and variety.
    Excellent place to buy a gift!

  16. I love this necklace by Oksana so much, it has one of my favorite colors which is turquoise and the creativity with adding different stones makes it absolutely beautiful, the lapis lazuli and the other compliment eachother so well. I would definitely buy a bracelet to go with this too, just to complete a look!💖

  17. Very stylish jewelry and clutches! Very elegant combination of stones and colours. My personal favourite is the Black Purple Lace Malachite set – I have never seen anything so full with meaning, so matching to everything and so eye catching at the same time! I like also very much the stories about stones – they help to choose the perfect present for the close ones (or for oneself)! Thank you!

  18. I do love, love, love the personalisation of this masterpieces!
    Just look at the gemstones, listen the name, and immediately spiritual power is coming to be your friend, your talisman, your energetic charger!
    Thank you Sana, for bringing this beauty to the world!
    All the best!

  19. Absolutely Lovely designs, especially those with the antique charm. Definitely more attractive than “P..ra” that look all alike, again, this is my modest opinion. I was once a big gemmology fan, so I can see the success.
    Good luck!

  20. That necklace with Black Purple Lace Malachite is marvelous. Purchased it as a present to my aunt. Nice quality, unique designs and reasonable prices make this web store truly a godsend for all the gem lovers.

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