Different Styles

You can find my things in very different styles because I love everything new. New combinations, new ideas, new manners, new colors, and shapes. I love to mix everything that could be compatible and create something new. I do not like templates and time-tested recipes. Therefore, every time I do something in a new style. And how many of these styles are there in the world of jewelry! I guess I am an eclectic! But you can only choose your own style.

So, let us talk a little about jewelry styles.

What is the Classic Jewelry?

Classic jewelry is about having pieced that does not go out of style. It is those times that have been in your jewelry box for years and are still relevant. Eternal values! Classic jewelry is as essential as a pair of blue jeans or a little black dress in a woman’s closet.

What is the Modern jewelry?

Modern jewelry features sleek and creative settings with a unique style. Designs may include absolutely different materials like gold and other metal, ceramic and gems, unusual forms, odd elements as ear crawlers, septum rings and palm cuffs or bright colors.

What is the Retro style jewelry?

Retro jewelry was first seen in France around 1935 with a collection of designs from Van Cleef & Arpels. They exhibited their collection at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York and when World War II began, those designs remained in New York. American jewelry designers took great influence from those jewelry designs and so the style of Retro jewelry really came into effect during wartime. The angles and rigidity of Art Deco jewelry began to soften as a new style was born. Jewelers looked to use cheaper gems such as Topaz and Citrine.

What is the Ethno style jewelry?

One of the brightest manifestations of modern fashion in recent years has become jewelry in the ethno style with elements of national ornaments, natural materials, etc. A special charm to this jewelry is given by images of ancient Scythian and Slavic symbols, Tibetan metal necklaces, African beads made in Ndebele technique, pearl embroidery and natural stones.

What Is the Boho Style jewelry?

The key visual characteristics of Boho fashion are that it is made to feel open, free, and natural. Boho is characterized with combinations of various bright colors you will rarely see together in other fashion styles. Uniquely designed, large, and colorful jewelry. Huge and colorful earrings, artisan bracelets and necklaces – those are the kinds of jewelry you can see in the Boho style.

The most common types of Boho jewelry will include inexpensive semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, labradorite, amethyst and quartz and more accessible, natural materials, such as leather, shell, string, base metals, and cord.

You like one style or different styles, but you can find your jewelry in my collection!

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