Art and stress

If painting, knitting, sculpting, drawing, scrapbooking or photography are hobbies of yours, you’ve been unknowingly promoting positive health while you create. There are more benefits of arts and crafts than just enjoyment, ranging from enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity, to even lessening the effects of serious health conditions. We will talk about one of …

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All of the jewelry you will find on was made by hand, which means each piece of jewelry is distinctly different And who does not love owning something that is totally unique? From time to time, I stumble upon pieces that are similar but even in those cases, there are subtle distinguishing characteristics that …

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Different Styles

You can find my things in very different styles because I love everything new. New combinations, new ideas, new manners, new colors, and shapes. I love to mix everything that could be compatible and create something new. I do not like templates and time-tested recipes. Therefore, every time I do something in a new style. …

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